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Whether you are thinking about filing for divorce or you are battling for your child's custody, Richard L Morris Co, LPA is ready to serve. Work with a compassionate, solution-minded attorney that understands exactly what you are facing.

At Richard L. Morris Co. L. P.A., our clients receive reliable and trusted representation in Columbus, OH, Westerville, OH, and the surrounding areas. We are divorce attorneys and child custody lawyers dedicated to serving our clients with focus, diligence, and personalized attention. We are prompt, professional, and committed to offering excellent services in the practice areas of divorce and child custody. Since 1990, Attorney Richard L. Morris has been providing efficient solutions and effective legal guidance for his clients in central Ohio.


Our past cases have included: 


•  Property Division

•  Contested Divorce

•  Uncontested Divorce

•  Private Divorce Judges

•  Dissolution

•  Retirement Accounts

•  Spousal Support

•  Unmarried Parties

•  Visitation & Child Custody

•  Protection Orders

•  Grandparents Rights

•  Modification of Custody


When you need a divorce lawyer with a complete comprehension of all aspects of divorce law, you can turn to the law office of Richard L. Morris Co LPA. We understand the challenges that accompany many divorce cases and as skilled negotiators, we help our clients arrive at agreeable solutions. Our goal is to facilitate each party in making arrangements that benefit the interests of the children while we represent our client’s best interests.


If you are battling for child custody, Richard L. Morris offers an assertive and knowledgeable approach that gets results. His compassionate and understanding manner make navigating the hurdles of your case much more bearable. He will put over two decades of experience to work for you offering a results oriented approach for the benefit of your case.


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